Workshop and Booksigning

Sweater Inspiration Class-

Thursday Evening, November 9th

     Want a chance to try on 50 handknit sweaters from different designers and in different yarns?

     Wondering what could go wrong while knitting a sweater and how to fix it? How about great quick knits? Or sweaters with different construction styles?
     I will bring 50 hand knit sweaters to class and hand out an alphabetical database with the names of each on the list along with a highlighted tip.  We will go through each of the sweaters; along with styles, types of yarn used, construction
issues, difficulties and also saves and fixes.
     Then, all members of the class will be able to try on
the sweaters for fit and take pictures or check themselves in the mirror. There is no homework but you might like our phone, ipad or laptop if you want to queue sweaters on Ravelry as we go. 
Sound like fun? It will be. . .!


Tour de Fleece 

Starting - To Be Announced

Details coming soon!